Laura Lucas

Post-natal Training

Laura will create a bespoke programme taking into consideration the birth of your child, your previous exercise experience and any issues (pelvic floor incontinence, ab separation, postural imbalances and muscular weaknesses) you might have.

Laura will begin with a combination of bodyweight exercises and resistance bands, incorporating yoga for flexibility and mobility. When you are ready she will add weights and cardio to build a healthy and strong physique from the inside out.

Sessions will focus on:

  • Engaging deep abdominals
  • Breath work (linking breath to movement and pelvic floor)
  • Strengthening glutes
  • Strengthening and opening upper back to support feeding
  • Improving cardio fitness

Laura welcomes (encourages!) babies at your sessions and is very happy to entertain/feed/change nappies/snuggle throughout the session so that you can focus on yourself.

Before your session

It is essential that you have had your 6 week Doctor’s check before you book in your first training session.

Laura would also strongly advise you to see a women’s health physiotherapist for a Post Natal Full Body Check/ “Mummy MOT” following your 6 week Doctor’s check.

This will usually consist of:

  • Pelvic Floor Function Testing.
  • Full Back, Pelvis and Posture Analysis.
  • Detailed Abdominal Muscle Assessment (using ultrasound too if necessary).
  • C-Section Scar Assessment (advice on massaging it to break up the scar tissue).

Laura recommends the physiotherapists below but most physiotherapy centres now offer this service.

Please fill out the questionnaire prior to your first training session:

Laura looks forward to meeting you and your little one soon.